Blocking from your Android mobile

blocking android mobile

Android devices help you to stay in contact with your loved ones.But the saddest part is they even have a drawback.They also make sure your enemies and stalkers get a medium to pester you regularly. But there are several secure aspects available on these devices which will help you live in peace. You can block someone who annoys you with their phone calls and texts.

Try diverting their calls to voicemail:

You can divert a specific contact’s calls into your voicemail. On the edit contact screen check the “All calls to voicemail” option.Next time they call you,the call will be diverted to your voicemail.

Block text messages

You might end up receiving some text messages which seem annoying . You can block that person on Messenger ie Google’s official messaging app by:

  • Opening the thread containing your text messages with that person.
  • Tap on the three dot menu and enable BLOCK.

Block emails

If they try contacting you via Gmail,you can open the email thread and select the three dot menu button and select the Block option. If that person tries to email you again,all the messages will go into the trash folder.If you try it on your laptop or PC you can apply Filters and block that particular id.

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Mute on Gmail

Sometimes it is not just one person.It is a group of people who are emailing you on Gmail.You cannot block every single person in that group just because you find the group conversation annoying . You can simply mute the conversation by ->Tap on the three dot menu mutton on top of the email->Tap on mute.

From now on,every mail in that thread will skip your inbox and go to the archive folder.There is a drawback here.If the person addresses an email only to you,it will not skip your inbox.

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