Keep your dying Smart phone alive

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Save the last precious battery available on your phone by using some of these tips . You might encounter such situations when you travel . It could also be a busy day when you have to rush out early in the morning without even having a look at the percentage of battery available for use . You could be running from one meeting to another . And then your phone starting dying.What can you do at that point of time?

Here are some tips that could possibly save your phone from dying .

Try your handset off and on again: If you are using an iPhone, you can do a hard reboot by holding the power and sleep-wake buttons till the apple logo appears. This means you are simply asking your phone to stop doing whatever it is doing and restart. This will reduce the load on your phone. If your android device has a removable battery,take it out for a while.In the rest of the android devices , you can hold the power and volume-down buttons. Also Check: Guest Mode on Android


Check out which app is draining you battery . Go to Settings->Battery->Look out for the app that is consuming a lot of battery and force stop it.

Switch to the Flight mode if you are not expecting any important calls. However, you can turn on Wifi even in this mode. This could be your best shot sometimes.

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Use a Battery Saver Mode: IOS has a “Lower Power Mode” setting . Enable this mode on you iPhone whenever you have a low battery.


Carry an extra phone charger with you whenever you step out.You never know where you would end up.

Another best option would be carrying a portable battery pack.This could add a little weight but its definitely worth it . You can charge your mobile wherever you want.


If you are in an airport or hotel lobbies,you might end up finding a charging station .You might not find a charging station in every corner of the world but make sure you find one when your phone is dying . Also Check: Smart Payer

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