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Chetan Bhagat Says Twitter Has Become A Graveyard Of Bullies

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Chetan Bhagat Says Twitter Has Become A Graveyard Of Bullies

Chetan Bhagat is noted for his excellent writing skills.  He is a bestselling author whose books are the basis for making Bollywood movies in recent times.  He is best known for being trolled by his followers in Twitter.  Very recently, he released his latest book named ‘One Indian Girl’ for which he received many negative comments from twitters.

In a recent interview, he said that ‘I think Twitter is going to suffer severely in five years from now and will become extinct like Orkut and Myspace because people are moving to platforms like Instagram’.  He also said that Twitter has become a graveyard of bullies.  He called the trollers who post negative comments baselessly on celebrities as ‘mob-like mentality’.Top 10 Famous Celebrity Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

Chetan Bhagat calls trollers as mob-like mentality

He feels that most of the celebs like the change of platform and are moving to Instagram from Twitter just to avoid negative comments.  He said that only writers and media persons are still hooked to this social platform.

He said that all the actors and celebrations have left the platform and are now active on Instagram.  Nevertheless, this talented writer is still active on twitter with almost 8 million followers. HC Verma Solutions Concepts of Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Pdf Download

He further added that ‘writers are supposed to say what they feel is right.  Sometimes it could be a pro, sometimes anti-government.  Writers who say I am only going to take an anti-government position are stupid.  When my government does corruption I will speak against it but when they are retaliating on a terrorist attack I support them.’

Chetan Bhagat is not just a writer, but is an active columnist, screenwriter and television personality.  His books The 3 Mistakes of My life and 2 States were made into Bollywood movies as Kai Po Che and the other with same title 2 States. Linkedin Placements 1 Online Test Dozens Indian Jobs


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