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Kaabil Official Trailer

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Kaabil Official Trailer Released- Hritik Roshan, Yami Gautam

‘Kaabil’ is one movie where the enthusiastic fans and supporters of Bollywood’s heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. Kaabil depicts Hrithik in an action avatar. We all know that he is a great action hero. Right from his first movies to his latest he continues to be recognized in the action avatar. Kaabil official trailer is released and one can expect to get everything from the action thriller entertainer including the romance aspect. ‘Kaabil’ is set to release on Republic Day January 26, 2017. Sanjay Gupta has directed the movie and newcomer Yami Gautam is the female lead in the movie.

Kaabil Movie Plot

Hrithik Roshan plays the lead role in the movie. His character is of a visually impaired man called Rohan Bhatnagar. Being blind does not stop this man from being eternally optimistic in life. In spite of his blindness, he is so optimistic that manages to inspire the girl in his onscreen life. This pretty girl is also blind in the movie. The role is donned by a newcomer Yami Gautam. So Hrithik helps and inspires his blind girlfriend to make the best out of life and to be optimistic like himself.

Kaabil Action Thriller

Here is where all of the romance changes to the action thriller when the female character is kidnapped. This optimistic guy Rohan still persists and does not give up. He decides to fight. In the course of this tragic event, the blind character realizes that the world we live in is darker than his dark world.

Hrithik has come back with his famous dance moves in the trailer. Together, Hrithik and Yami are the perfect fit for the role. The pretty actress Yami’s performance is amazing and exceeds expectations of a newcomer. The action sequences for both leads are mind blowing. Fans will definitely get theirs wait’s worth.

Watch Kaabil Official Trailer :


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