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Teachers Burdened by the Evaluation of CBSE CCE System

CBSE CCE System: CBSE recently introduced a new set of educational reforms with Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (abbreviated as CCE). These reforms are introduced to simplify the current evaluation. The idea behind this change was to put a stop to the usual paper and pen/pencil traditional form of examination. CCE System started from the year 2000 in CBSE schools and later in 2009 was extended to the secondary level. Currently, this system is followed in government and private unaided schools in around 14,647 schools. Covering nearly 22 lakh scholars in classes IX and X, the Board also trained almost 3,000 mentors from 2010 nationally and internationally.

Impact of CBSE CCE System in schools

CBSE introduced many changes in the system. The results improved as expected. However, there were other things to consider. Previously there was no requirement for pass % for summative assessments. In the previous system, students were promoted to the next class on with pass mark of 33% including four assessments and two summative assessments. With the new changes, students must appear for both the summative assessments. The student also requires a minimum of 25% cumulative scores to qualify the exam.

Need for Re-Defining:

It is not sure whether it is the system itself or the system not being implemented properly . According to a recent study conducted by education organization. Experts added that the CCE has to be redefined altogether.

The findings of the Study:

75% Teachers feel it is an increase in workload in lesson planning, question paper setting, creating progress reports and also assessing students. Although the CCE managed to bring up marks of the average student with its assessment methods, the increased activities, and extra papers increase the burden on teachers.

Effect on Students:

This grading system does not seem fair for the students who can perform better and fared well throughout the year. This disappointment may lead to good students putting in a way to less effort. When a student wants to change over from Central Board to State Board it gets difficult as State Board goes by marks and percentage.


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