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Telangana Students Joining B.Tech Lack Expertise In Practicals

As per recent reports, it was found that most of the EAMCET rankers joining B.Tech has incompetent knowledge of practicals.  This shortcoming of practical knowledge in the students is mostly noticed in intermediate students who studied in corporate colleges.   Corporate colleges mainly focus on teaching how to make ranks instead of much needed real-time practical knowledge to the students.

TS Students Joining B.Tech Have Insufficient Expertise Of Practicals

Telangana Lecturers Forum Honorary President Kathi Venkataswamy said ‘the only priority of these colleges is to get ranks in IIT, EAMCET, and other entrance tests.  Hence, the focus is on theoretical learning while less or zero efforts are put in on teaching practicals in private colleges.  Students are explained about laboratory terminology for chemistry and physics only before the practical exam in February, but colleges make sure they get marks to the fullest.’

According to a chemistry lecturer from a corporate college, practical classes should be organized for both junior and senior intermediate schools, but most of the colleges don’t follow this schedule.

Merit students will grasp the last moment practicals teaching easily while it is difficult for others

He said that ‘Physics and Chemistry practicals will only be practiced when the exams are weeks away.  All the terms like a test tube, burette, pipette, conical flask, volumetric analysis and qualitative analysis, calibration, Vernier calipers, screwguage, bar pendulum are trained in the last minutes.  It is easy for merit students whilst it is difficult for others.’

Lack of practical knowledge at intermediate level affects the students when they join engineering, which involves lot of lab work.  Because of the lack of basic knowledge in practicals that need to be learned at an intermediate level, students end up learning practicals in Engineering.

According to Mr. Giridhar Reddy, head of the chemistry department at CBIT, students from CBSE or government colleges are at an advantage compared to those from corporate colleges.


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