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FIFA 17 New Story Mode and Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 New Story Mode :EA Sports, the developers of the much-anticipated game of the year, FIFA 17 have made an official announcement regarding the new Story Mode for their chart-topping video game franchise this year in the month of September. The developers of the game have named the new story mode as “The Journey” in the on-going E3 Conference.

There are 2real and authentic game-altering additions for the latest version of FIFA 17 game. The game also introduced a completehorde of additional tweaks, updates and developments. Obviously, advertising and backinggo on a hugeelement of the pre-release propaganda, so we discern that the latest version of FIFA 17 football game will comprise of four ambassadors to aid with its genuineness. FIFA 17 PC Requirements

The four new ambassadors for the latest version of FIFA 17 game include James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus. Ostensibly, in the new version of FIFA 17 game, the ambassadors are not just faces on the box and moreover they’ve been referredregarding the new add-ons to the FIFA 17 game. Here is everything you need to know about the new changes made to the latest version of FIFA 17 game like FIFA 17 New Story Mode and new Frostbite Engine. Have a look! FIFA 17 Gameplay Features

FIFA gets Vital Frostbite Engine

Frostbite is actually the game engine which was earlier developed by EA Dice, which is a studio behind the realisticallyremarkable Battlefield series game of first-person shooters. Frostbite is the technology which is usually used in order to build severalnew and approaching releases of the game developers EA that include Battlefield 1, Mirror’s Edge – Catalyst and Mass Effect – Andromeda and now, the latest newdrivingFIFA 17 football game.

The new FIFA 17 will comprise of high quality extract and gameplayusing the new changes made to the Frostbite engine. It is quite necessary for every game to have the best structure and computer graphicsfor acquiring a decent Story Mode. The game developers have worked over for more than 2 years in order to bring this new transition in the latest version of FIFA 17 game. FIFA 17 New Controls

The new Frostbite engine rolled out for the new version of FIFA 17 game brings in quite trustworthy, true to real-time action. The game developers have tried their level best in order to make this incredible game look even more authentic and real. In the latest version of FIFA 17 game, Frostbite enginecome from with a brand new delivering engine and a new toolkit, consentingthe game players to truly bring the visuals to real life.

Rolled a New Story Mode called ‘The Journey’

The game developers have named the new story mode of the FIFA 17 football game as ‘The Journey’. It is truly an enthusiastic game with an ultimate team in the FIFA 17 new story mode. The Journey is essentially a role-playing exploration, which is in fact setinsideFIFA, wherein the game player captivating on the role of novice signing Alex Hunter as he begins his career with a club based on the choice of the game player.

Realistic Manager Faces

In the preceding game versions of FIFA football game, all those were critiquedby the game critics and other people as there is no single manager face looked authentic and realistic. It seems the game developers have now taken a proper care at showing the game in a realistic way. As part of their development, for the new version of FIFA 17, they have made the faces of managers look realistic and authentic. From the trailer of the Journey, the new story mode, we can witness that most of the managers’ faces such as Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have vivid game face at best in the Premier League. We could also see that of anything goes wrong in the game plan of FIFA 17, the managers would turn out to be violent and furious as well. FIFA 17 New Team Additions

Adaptive Story Mode

The performance of the game player would eventually influencethe game play of the player while in the pitch of the FIFA 17 game field. Every single movement of the game player andeach decision made by the player will be made used by the game’s Frostbite engine in order to disturb your exceptional story mode. Even, out of the game time line would ultimatelyalter your existence in the new series of FIFA 17 Story Mode.

Realistic& Genuine Story

EA Sports, the developers of the FIFA 17 football game hasengagedmasses of real-time genuine football players and authors in order to generate and bring out an authentic and most realistic story mode. The writers who have been working for the new story mode in the FIFA 17 game are David Beckham’s book writer Tom Watt to Reece Oxford who is from West Ham. They have worked quite hard in order to bring out the story mode of FIFA 17 in a precise and right manner.

With the new story mode in the latest version of FIFA 17 football game, the game players could eventually experience the Premier League almost as real as it can become. The world in the new Story mode in the game will show significant impact by the real-life players, personalities of the team players, locations in which the game will be organised and many more exciting and quite engaging events.

The players that are actually involved in the development of this new story mode are given below:

  • Harry Kane
  • James Rodriguez
  • Marcos Reus
  • Anthony Martial
  • Eden Hazard
  • Dele Alli
  • Marcos Rashford
  • Reece Oxford

In the previous year’s FIFA 16 game, the developers have rolled out Women players in the FIFA game. Most of the people considered that there was no danger even the game involves female game players. However, every single fan and game adorer has been enthusiastically waiting for the release of FIFA 17. The developers have announced that the game will roll out initially in North America on 27th September and later it will be released across the world on 29th September of this year.


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