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FIFA 17 Wishlist Features and Ideas EA sports

A couple of months are left for a worldwide release of FIFA 17 football game for various platforms. FIFA 16, the previous year’s football game has been improved a lot with exhilarating features and incredible game play with the latest FIFA 17 game. EA Canada and EA Sports, the developers and publishers of FIFA 17 game have rolled out several striking features to the game in order to make this game look more real and authentic.

All the fans and game adorers of FIFA 17 have many ideas and thoughts that they wish to see all those in the new version of FIFA 17 game. Here is a long and much interesting wishlist of all the game fans and adorers which are realistic more than expected. We have collected the opinions and suggestions of all the game lovers regarding the FIFA 17 game and compiled the FIFA 17 wishlist and all the features and ideas. Here are some of the outstanding FIFA 17 features wishlist and ideas we hope to see in FIFA 17 game.

FIFA 17 Features Wishlist

Here we are compiling a huge list of FIFA 17 wishlist features which fans and game adorers are anticipating in the next version of the FIFA 17 football ball game. Let’s get started with the FIFA 17 feature wishlist and ideas! FIFA 17 New Story Mode

  1. Maintain the Player Progress Realistic

It is common that there will be growth and development of the game player in the game in a balanced way.Usually, the game players have the ability to grow in a physical manner up to an age of 25 years and in some cases, it can take much long time.The developers must design the game in such a way that the players of the game must not be improved in mental statistics instead grow physically that could be helpful in winning the game. In addition, substitutes must be made available for stellar skills.

  1. Change the Team Kit

In a bid to make the game much more exciting and thrilling, the developers of the game EA could include an additional option by changing the complete team kit every year. It would be quite interesting if the game developers add this new option and made available on the game for every new season on career mode. Instead, they could also avail an option of kit combination wherein the team players can pick diverse color shots. For instance, Juventus can choose their shorts colour either as black or white from their home kit team.

  1. Avail Additional Team

In order to make the FIFA 17 game play much more exciting and interesting, the developers can introduce additional or extra teams. We need to be thankful to the FIFA game as it has introduced champion teams in the game and it is quite obvious that everyone wish to play from a huge team side. The developers of the game have introduced the best and much skilled players in almost all the teams of the FIFA football game. But, the developers have left behind numerous small teams as well. It would be quite challenging to play from the side of small team so that we could raise our game spirit and adds much enthusiasm.

  1. Modify Nets in the Game

This could be truly an amazing feature if the EA Sports or the developers of the game roll out this feature. In the previous FIFA 16m we have seen only few nets for the gameplay. For the latest version of FIFA 17, it would be great if the developers provide an option to the game player alter the colour and the pattern of the nets while playing the game. There must be another option of choosing the tightness and looseness of the net available in the game.

  1. Trustworthy Managers

FIFA is undoubtedly an amazing game but the game needs much advancement and enhancement in some parts and among that the most essential part is the authenticity of the game executives. It is true that, many improvements have been taking place in the FIFA game in a drastic way. Meanwhile, the game players love to see the real managers and executives in the game instead of the aged bald men moving in the field on the touchline like devils. Authentic managers are quite crucial in the game as they have a pivotal role. Rather than keeping the common guys, EA cantake in specialized managers.

  1. Improved Mass Animation

Besides the game players and managers, the spectators and audience in the game stadium are quite essential to make the game play more lively and inquisitive. They can introduce game sounds while the crowd makes energetic sounds if their team plays quite well or lose some goal.

  1. Extra Swedish Leagues

Sweden and Football has a prodigious blend, and it would be boundless if the developers of the game, EA could add much more Swedish leagues alongside customizing options for the stadium. Bringing league matches would be quite exciting as it could enhance the energy of the game players in the FIFA 17 game.

  1. Additional Leagues

All the fans and game lovers of FIFA 17 are anticipating that the game developers would include additional leagues like Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Finland and Bulgarian leagues. It would be quite interesting if EAA brings Brazil Champions league and Europe league as well.

Some of the legends and South American leagues include the following:

  • Ecuadorian
  • Uruguayan
  • Bolivian
  • Venezuelan

If the developers include the teams from North America as there are several fans of soccer in the latest version of FIFA 17, the game will reach next level than the current one.

  1. Online Career Mode

EA, the developers of the FIFA 17 game can roll out online career mode in the latest version of FIFA 17 and the inclusion of 2-4 players’ option would be prodigious for the commencement of online career mode. This will augment the trustworthiness of the FIFA 17 game and moreover, the level ofent ertainment will increase with passion meanwhile this will allow the game players to challenge players online.

These are the different FIFA 17 wishlist features and ideas that the game adorers and fans love to see in the new version of FIFA 17. If you have any ideas regarding the game, you could share it in the comments section below.


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