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Pokemon Go New Tracking Feature Available Now

Pokemon Go is an amazing game which was launched by Niantic developers into the market in the month of July. Pokemon Go is a free to play game application which is based on locations. It is an augmented reality game which is available to download on two different platforms such as Android and iOS. You can play this game in two modes such as single player and multi-player.It is not an exaggeration to say that Pokemon Go game has been smashing other popular application and letting down every single Android application on the Play Store.

Pokemon Go game adorers with smartphones in their hands have been roaming on the streets of every single town in order to catch Pokemon, collect some of the essential Pokemon items and few of the game players are looking to take over the Pokemon Gyms. The Pokémon GO fervour is little by little thinning out across the world like a virus. Soon after the official release of Pokemon Go game, it has acquired millions of fans and followers across several social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tinder and much more.

New Updates rolled out for Pokemon Go

The current latest news is that, Pokemon Go game has come up with a new update and everyone hopes that this new update will be fixing all the annoying things while playing this incredible game. This Pokemon Go game app is exhausting the battery of mobile device very quickly. Along with the fix, this game application brought a slew of other updates that include points for awards, and much more.

One of the most interesting features rolled out with the latest update of Pokemon Go game is Pokemon tracking feature. Here is everything you need to know about the Pokemon tracking feature. Check it out!

Pokemon Tracking Feature

The Pokemon Go game developers have launched a new update that includes one interesting update called Pokémon tracking feature. But, this update is only available for the selected users of this application. Pokemon Tracking feature allows the users check out which Pokémon is close with a pretty exact location. It makes use of a pinpoint in order to show the location of the Pokemon which is nearby to your location. In order to acquire this incredible feature, you need to choose a stop and the app will show you the location of the Pokemon on the map.

From there, everything depends on you. You need to look out for the Pokemon in a manual way. Otherwise, you can make use of an Incense or Lure at particular stop in order to bring the Pokémon nearer. Pokemon Game developers have rolled out this amazing feature in order to help the game players and put a halt to their agony. Currently, this Pokemon Tracking feature is just a beta version. Once it is released officially by the developers, you can make use of this feature while playing Pokemon Go game. Have fun playing Pokemon Go!



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