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Pokemon GO new update makes tracking pokemons easier

Ever since Pokemon GO was launched worldwide, the “nearby” feature gave little to no clue as to where the Pokemon is or where you had to go look for them.

The feature which was based on footprint system was a total bummer and more than anything, a pain in the neck, or maybe the legs, technically speaking.

The memes that landed the Internet in this regard, were all funny but there was also some actual truth to it.

What was supposed to work as a route map to the pokemons around you, instead made you take aimless strolls all over your surrounding and may even have led you to places where you weren’t supposed to be : a burial ground or even a crime scene.

Following that, the Niantic developers pulled this feature off of Pokemon GO and have recently (about two days ago) started putting in place a pokemon tracker that actually works.

Here’s all you need to know about it.

In the new game update, The “Nearby” tab shows two sections now.

SIGHTINGS section:


It does exactly what “Nearby” from the previous version did.

It shows the image of pokemons with grass behind them.

It just means there are somewhere in your location and that you will have to go about searching for them like you always did.

No clues whatsoever.

NEARBY section: (the new one)


So this is how your new updated Nearby section looks like.

It gives a set of images of pokemons in your vicinity, BUT, behind those images, are the Pokestops where those pokemons are at.

Tap on one of them, and the screen gives you a zoomed-out view telling you where on the map that particular Pokestop is.

So you can head straight to that Pokestop and you WILL find a pokemon somewhere around the corner, definitively.


Niantic said on its website that the new tracking feature is only available to a narrow set of Pokemon GO  users – people in San Francisco, to be precise.

People from other parts of the US reported experiencing the new update, but that should be all, for now. The update has a lot of ground to cover right now, reaching out to fans across the globe.

The update has a lot of ground to cover right now, reaching out to fans across the globe.

But here’s a video demonstrating the usage of the new tracker.

Another user explaining the new trackers in  Pokemon GO :

And if the said pokemon flees the pokestop by the time you get there, the game will notify you saying, “The Pokemon fled! Check the nearby list for other Pokemon.”

You could improvise and use Incense or Lure to get the pokemon in question closer to where you are or to the pokestop you are heading towards.


  • The two new tracking sections refresh/ update every ten seconds.
  • So, if the pokemon you are walking towards is no longer in a certain range, it will immediately disappear from your tracker menu.
  •  If the pokemon leaves your target location, this will also make the pokemon disappear from your tracking menu. Thus saving you a lot of useless walks.


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