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18 Bihar Students From One Village have Cracked IIT Entrance Exam

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18 Bihar Students From One Village have Cracked IIT Entrance Exam

18 Students From One Village in Bihar Crack IIT

18 Bihar Students From One Village have Cracked IIT Entrance Exam The Knowledge and Hungry had made the 18 students from Bihar to Crack IIT JEE 2015.18 students from the same village Bihar have crossed the level of toughest entrance exam IIT.Cracking of IIT JEE is the goal for many lakh of students.IIT JEE entrance Exam provide admission in to all the IIT and NIIT Colleges. All the students will have the coaching for IIT entrance exam from professionals and the students will prepare for all day along for clearing the Exam. But in the Village of Bihar Cracking the IIT is common thing for them.

The students belonging to small village in Bihar have been attained Highest rank in IIT. The students are been from Poor Background. Despite the students never thought of their poorness In spite the students with their strong determination strived for securing Top Rank in IIT .Their Aim has been come true. Now their effort has made them as IIT Toppers. They now will going to study in the Top IIT colleges and will make their dream happen.

The eighteen students are from one village called Gaya in South Bihar. The students are in the list of those 26,000 Candidates who have been cracked entrance exam IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) these year 2015. They made their village to be prideful. They made their parents to be proud of them.

A girl from the same Village Gaya has also cracked the IIT Entrance Exam. She is in the list of 26,000 Candidates. She said in an interview that girls are not less than boys. Girls are can also study and can bring pride to their parents and country. She is one of among successful Candidates list of IIT 2015.
After the students from Gaya village in Bihar with a brilliant performance in the IIT Entrance Exam. The students are availed the super thirty IIT institutes. These another success of them. The students are very happy as they are going to study in super 30 IIT institutes.

Students from Bunkaron Village are been Cracking of IIT Entrance Exam in very year. Cracking IIT is been the tradition for the students in Bunkaron village. Every year at least ten students will clear the IIT Entrance Exam said by Successful Student Rahul Kumar. He had secured 980 in the entrance exam these year.

Rahul Kumar the IIT ranker also said that the village background has bought the success. He said that the Environment here in the village is so good. All the students in the village are helpful to one other. He also that every one studies sitting together and everyone is helpful to one other in solving their doubts with each other. Thereby overcome their difficulty in cracking the exam.

Rahul also said that there been great environment in the village as all the IIT aspirants are gathered together to study there it would look like a study circle. He said that his uncle from these same village have cleared the IIT exam and now he is doing the job in the US.

The villagers have said that their power loom business had them to take education as serious and rise the thought of education to their children. Almost from 15 years they decided to put the efforts to educate their children.
There are been no good schools and coaching centre’s in the village but despite the students with their strong determination and will power have cracked the IIT Entrance Exam. The Students who have been passed in the previous year have also helped the Candidates with all the preparation mechanism for exams.
The students have studied for about 3-10 hours to crack the exam.

Rahul the IIT Aspirant also said that the seniors IIT passed Candidates have provided all Study Materials ,notes and proper Guidance to them.

   Knowledge is wisdom.
***Congrats to the village students from Bihar**

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