Roar Region 4 Mod Remotely Operated Automated Racers

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ROAR REGION 4 MOD:Remotely Operated Automated Racers.It is a funny Race.The cars in the race are of Remote Cars. Each car will be operated by one person.The cars on the track are operated with the help of remote.Race of these kind is an Radio controlled car racing.ROAR had the origin at the year 1967 by the two people George Siposs and Norb Meyers.First international ROAR Championship is held on the year 1968 at West minter, in California with nitro pan cars.

Roar is been the block which is been responsible for forming International Federation Modeling Auto Racing shortly pronounced as IFMAR.
ROAR publishes a book of Rules and gas Remote cars for very year.
ROAR is collection of twelve from United states of America + Canada.
The director for the region is been nominated and elected by the people in that region.
The members participating in the race communicate with region’s head regarding any issues of region.

Total 12 regions :

1st Region:
Region 1 is composed of following Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont.

2nd Region:
Region 2 is composed of following Delware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virgina, West Virgina.

3rd Region:
Region 3 is composed of following Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

4rth Region:
Region 4 is composed of following city Florida .

5th Region:
Region 5 is composed of following IIIinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin.

6th Region:
Region 6 is composed of following Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi.

7th Region:
Region 7 is composed of following Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

8th Region:
Region 8 is composed of following Lowa ,Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska.

9th Region:
Region 9 is composed of following Oklahoma, Texas.

10th Region:
Region 1 is composed of following Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

11th Region:
Region 11 is composed of following Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska.

12th Region:
Region 12 is composed of following California, Hawaii, Nevada.

These video is all about 2010 ROAR Region 4 Mod Forward Short Course .Roar Championship is comprised of both OFF road and ON road .

The video is of the year 2010 ROAR in the region 4 .
The region 4 Roar had been held at Florida, Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico.
There about Twelve cars that has been participated in these Race.
In these Race there will laps and the car which finishes the final lap first will be awarded with the first prize. The time elapse for the laps will taken in to concern and the car which reaches the finish line with less time will be the winner of the Race.

ROAR is been with abbreviation as Remotely Operated Automated Racers.
For the Roar there will be twelve regions.
Ex: ROAR Region 4, ROAR Region 2.
There will be ROAR Open National Championship in every year.
The Popular remote car Ryan Maifield by Jconcepts.
Jconcepts have has won four Roar national titles. Three titles via Control tire and one title by the Open Performance.

The Roar Championship will be held in different regions every year. It is been most dominating car race.

Roar Championship is been popular all over the world. The race will be very interesting to watch.
It will be fantastic to watch.That are been associated with region 4:Region 4 will be conducted in Florida.Broward County R/C Speedway,Charlotte R/C Racers,Coral Springs R/C Car club INC,Florida On-Road Gas State Series(FORGASS),Ft. Myers R/C Car Club,Full Throttle RC Raceway,Gateway RC club,Homestead R/C Raceway,
Miami R/C Raceway ,Mills pond Raceway,Nugget’s Ranch Raceway,Panama City Monster R/C,Sundancers RC Club ,
Superior Hobbies R/C Racing ,Tri County Hobbies Inc,Valkaria RC,Vista View RC Auto Drivers,WCRC Village Raceway.