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Avatar 2 Release Date Avatar villain could turn a hero in Avatar 2

The 2009 Hollywood Epic Avatar, that grossed close to 2.7 billion dollars across the Globe and etched itself as the highest grossing movie ever, is heading for the filming of its sequel early 2017.

This News comes as Stephen Lang (the villain of Avatar) , spoke to an Interviewer at the recent Wizard World Comic Con Chicago, when he was questioned about how Avatar sequels in the coming years would affect his work schedule.

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As Stephen Lang commented, “As the New Year turns, we start to shoot for the Avatar sequels, I think that the whole process of making the films and opening the films will go to about 2023.”


This had a lot of Avatar fans speculate that Stephen Lang would return for the sequel.

But as far as we know, Stephen Lang died as the villain in the first part after receiving two arrows in his chest.

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But Stephen Lang confirmed definitively that Miles Quaritch (Villain character name) will surely be back for the sequel.

Back in 2013, James Cameron said that Miles Quaritch’s character were portrayed with amazing acting by Stephen Lang and so he wishes to bring him back and also said that his character would evolve over the next 4 sequels.


It’s being reported that Miles Quaritch, after somehow cheating death despite receiving 2 arrows, may have the maximum screen time in Avatar 2, replacing Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

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According to , Miles Quaritch will go against his natural self of villainous character and actually lead a mission to save Jake and Neytiri after they get kidnapped by a new ominous enemy.

This adds fuel to another rumor that Jake and Neytiri might not even appear in the sequel.


Avatar 2 is predicted to release in December 2018, with three more sequels coming in 2020, 2022 and 2023 respectively.


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