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Bahubali secret leaked online Bahubali 2 First Look on Oct 23

The Bahubali team, right from the worker in the lowest tier to the director himself SS Rajamouli are gearing up to full throttle to carefully carve another masterpiece and bring to the audience Bahubali : The Conclusion, by April 27th next year.


It is being said that the movie team has finally shot the scene revealing the real reason behind Kattappa’s helplessness in having to murder Bahubali by ambushing him.

Because SS Rajamouli is keen on not letting this secret out even by mistake, director made sure that the answer to 2015’s most searched question, “Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?” be known only to two people on the set of the entire Bahubali team, apart from himself.

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And those two people were the movie’s writer and its protagonist Prabhas.

The scene was reportedly shot methodically involving as few people as possible, so that the secret would have no chance to get leaked.



According to the leaked script, the secret and the reasoning behind Bahubali’s murder, unfolds in the following way.

“After becoming the emperor of the Mahismati Kingdom, Bahubali gets smitten by Devasena (played by Anushka Shetty) and becomes emotionally involved with her.

While such is the scenario, Bhallala Deva (played by RaNA) also falls in love by Devasena’s ethereal beauty.

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To settle the dispute, Shivagami (played by Ramya Krishna) instructs that any Man who is truly committed to Devasena, has to pay a price. That Man should leave the kingdom if he chooses to pursue their love interest Devasena. In other words, that Man gets exiled out of Mahismati kingdom.

Bahubali agrees to this, marries Devasena and leaves the kingdom.

Soon after his departure/ exile, the evil lord Kalakeya’s son sees a weakness and also an opportunity to attack and overthrow Mahismati kingdom.

Mahismati, which then comes under the dire need of a leader who could march his soldiers to victory, compels Bahubali to return and fight Kalakeya army, which he does go on to win.

This makes Bhallala Deva insecure of a possibility where Shivagami could hand the throne back to Bahubali, restoring him to the rank of an emperor of Mahismati.

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So, Bhallala Deva decides to kill Bahubali, but he doesn’t want to do the villainous deed himself and get his hands dirty.

He instead turns his sight to Kattappa and manipulates his his sense of responsibility as Mahismati’s Army Chief.

Mahismati’s army chiefs, including every other citizen in the kingdom, is always bound by the duty of carrying out the King’s orders and strictly pledge allegiance to serving him, regardless of how evil or good his orders are.

So, without a moment’s hesitation, Bhallala Deva connivingly orders Kattappa to backstab Bahubali and makes sure he’s dead.

Kattappa, who couldn’t help his role and who’s strictly bound by his duty to his King- Bhallala Deva, mournfully kills Bahubali, under extremely helpless circumstances.



Other rumors claim that SS Rajamouli has played out and captured 4 different versions as to how Bahubali 2 will end and reveal reason for Bahubali’s murder.

According to Deccan Chronicle , it’s still unclear which version Rajamouli will decide upon to include in the second installment of the movie.

So, it’s totally possible that the story which is now being virally leaked online, might not be what we get to see in Bahubali 2.

It might be a totally different story unfolding before our eyes.


Hardcore Tollywood Industry fans are placing their bets on October 23, as the day when Bahubali team would release the first look poster for Bahubali The New Conclusion.

Because October 23rd marks the birthday of Prabhas and it’s not uncommon for Telugu movie teams to tease audience with posters and teasers on a day that’s special to one of their cast members.

Even the insiders close Rajamouli confirmed that this would be happening on October 23rd.


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