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Karthi to Act in Sequel of Kashmora – Movie Updates

Karthi Movie Updates : Karthi, the young hero from Tollywood has given a super hit with the film Oopiri earlier this year. Later, Karthi has started a huge project under the direction of Gokul. The upcoming film of Karthi is Kashmora wherein we can see Karthi in a completely new avatar. The movie filmed in two different languages such as Tamil and Telugu based on a dark fantasy drama. The entire Tollywood and Tamil film industry have massive expectations on the film Kashmora upon looking at the posters and a new look of Karthi in the film. Everyone is expecting that this film could be another Baahubali with stunning background effects and graphics.

Kashmora Sequel

Besides the posters of the film, the whole unit of the film including Karthi says that this film becomes massive hit and set mark in the film history. Kashmora movie geared up to release across the Tamil and Telugu industry on 28th October 2016 i.e., on Friday. All the movie lovers have mammoth expectations on this film prior to its release. Before the release of the flick, the main lead in the film Karthi says that if the film gets incredible response among the audience, the movie unit plans to make the sequel of this film quite similar to the Baahubali series.

Movie Budget

Karthi also said not to compare Kashmora with the magnum opus film Baahubali. However, he said that they have tried their level best in order to reach the levels of Baahubali in terms of the picturization and making of the film. The budget for making Kashmora pretty less compared to Baahubali but we are quite confident about our film. In fact, Baahubali released during the making of Kashmora. The movie unit planned to change the picturization in order to enhance the quality of the flick. If everything goes well, the makers of Kashmora plan for the sequel of this film. Karthi said that he had struggled a lot like never before for this film.


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