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MS Dhoni Movie Review :MS Dhoni The Untold Story is a biopic about MS Dhoni from the director Neeraj Pandey.  The movie stars Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Patani, Kiara Advani and Anupam Kher in the main role.  Sushant will be seen playing MS Dhoni in the flick.  The movie has got a very positive response from the audience.  It is a biopic on the most favorite cricketer cum captain for Indians, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  The movie is not just directed by Pandey, but he also jotted down the dialogues and screenplay for in association with Dilip Jhathe flick.  The movie is produced by Arun Pandey in collaboration with Fox Star Studios.

The entire country is eagerly waiting to watch the untold story of MS Dhoni.  As everyone is excited about watching the biopic of MS Dhoni here is the review about how the movie molded.

MS Dhoni Movie Story/Plot

The movie as the tagline says mainly focuses on the story that was untold about MS Dhoni.  It is an exciting and inspiring screenplay from Pandey for sure.  Sushant Singh will be seen as MS Dhoni in the flick.  The movie depicts how MS Dhoni has made his career in cricket and how he reached heights.

The movie portrays every single struggle he has gone through to become the man he is now.  Many secrets about MS Dhoni were revealed in the flick.  The captain cool role was well portrayed by Sushant Singh Rajput.  Much needed appraisal for Dhoni who has allowed the director to put up his life on the big screen and all thanks to the director who just gave his the best and Sushanth who donned Dhoni not just as a character, but poured his heart and soul into the character.  Biopics usually never click the way they are meant to be, but this went the other way.  The super hype created about the movie since its debut with first look has made garnered lot of appreciation and love.

MS Dhoni Movie Review

MS Dhoni movie showcases the life lead by Dhoni since the start of his career.  This biopic will standout in the history.  Sushant who played Dhoni in the flick steals the show.  He is the man of the movie and has given his everything to portray Captain cool on screen.  It can be considered as one of the best biopics that was ever made.  Top notch performances from all the actors.  Every minor aspect of the movie is well taken care of.

The movie has got the wonderful story and screenplay from Pandey.  He has done some decent job with the direction.  Music is just aptly suited the flick. Sushant is picture perfectly suited in the role of MS Dhoni.  We can say that his hard work for the role will pay off in some way.  The movie has got engaging screenplay and direction.  The first half was much better than the second half.

MS Dhoni Movie Review by KRK

Plus points

  • Sushant has done full justice to the role he portrayed on the screen.
  • The direction and screenplay are thumped up
  • Songs were good
  • First half was quite engaging

Minus points

  • Second half has dropped a bit

Technical aspects

All the cast and crew of the flick worked well and that can be seen on the screen.  Everyone did justice to their roles. The production values are high.  The background music came out well.  The cinematography and dialogues need a special mention.  Director Neeraj Pandey has presented all the fans of Dhoni and also to Dhoni with a lifelong present.

Final verdict

The untold story is told very well.  It is a biopic and the director handled it so very really.  What is shown on the screen is so very relatable and we can say that how he become Dhoni.

Rating : 4/5


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