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Null Expectations on Nirmala Convent

Nirmala Convent is the latest upcoming movie which is going to release on Friday i.e., on 16th September, 2016. The movie is produced by King Nagarjuna under the home production of Nagarjuna. The making of this movie commenced in the year 2015 and finally the release date is been approaching very soon this month within a couple of days. After long anticipation, Nagarjuna is finally releasing the movie this week. Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Nenu Manam Janam’

The current latest buzz which is circulating across the social media and film Nagar is that the release of this film is greatly worrying the entire unit of Nirmala Convent. The reason is that there are no popular stars in the film and the one and only one hope are that Nagarjuna is present in the film. That way the movie could grab some opening day collections on the day of release. However, there are some outlooks on the movie that it is the debut film of Roshan, son of the actor Srikanth.Mahesh’s Up Coming Movie Satellite Rights

Though it is a debut film of a star’s son, it couldn’t actually help the film gain massive buzz across the media. As there is less hype on the film, the distributors are not even showing much attention towards the movie. This is the reason; Nagarjuna has planned to release the movie in some of his locations. If everything goes well and Nagarjuna ensures success with this Nirmala Convent film then his name and fame will boost up to peaks.

As we all know that Nagarjuna stands first when coming to movie promotions and for this film, it looks like he is not even worried about the pre-release hype on the movie. He has not even taken part in promoting the film despite the release date is approaching. It seems that Nagarjuna is quite over assertive for his continual hits and he is expecting Nirmala Convent would acquire a massive response from the audience.Movies Releasing this Weekend

All the fans of Nag might have given up all their expectations and curiosity on the movie by now as there is no promotional buzz from the side of Nag.


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