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Actress and YSRCP MLA Roja Fires at SBI Bank Staff

Ever since the announcement made by the Center about the stoppage of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes there is a lot of hype about the ongoing ban. Recently, on Sunday, it was announced that the withdrawal limit will be upped to ease the public havoc the ban has created. Only adding to all of the ongoing hurry and scurry, some banks have even downed their shutters. Adding to this entire ruckus, the ATMs are dispensing cash as they are yet to get the new notes. This is the roaring talk of the entire nation. Amongst the crowds it is getting common to see not only the elderly and sr. citizens but also prominent personalities standing in the long Queues awaiting their turn to exchange cash or withdraw amounts.

Roja stands in Queue to Exchange Cash:

The latest to do the news rounds is the YSR Congress Party MLA Roja who was seen standing along with the common people at the Chittoor District branch of the SBI Bank. She was there to exchange the old currency for new notes due to the ban. The bank put up a ‘No Exchange board.’ Sooner than later, the actress and YSRCP MLA Roja warned the bank employees as they stopped carrying out the duties of exchanging the cash at the counters and put up the board ‘No Exchange’. Roja questioned the bank employees and bank staff and pointed out to the erroneous way that the bank was functioning and faulty operation at the bank.

Recently, Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi was also in the queue and waited his turn about the withdrawal and cash exchange. He was seen interacting with common people who were crowded outside the bank. There were many bank employees and people who requested the Congress leader for a selfie.


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