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Actual Reason behind CM Jayalalithaa’s Illness

Party Spokesperson and AIADMK Senior Leader C Ponnaiyan notified the media about Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa’s health. He added that she is in a cheerful mood presently saying, ‘Amma is consuming semi-solid food and interacting with VIPs on crucial issues. She will be discharged within few days’.

Jayalalitha health Condition

TN CM Jayalalithaa was admitted on September 22nd, 2016 to Apollo Hospitals with complaints of fever and dehydration.  Later she was put on respiratory support. She was on antibiotics following congestion in the chest lung infection.  C Ponnaiyan explains, “Lung infection led to the formation of sputum and congestion, which eventually had a negative impact on the heart as well. Best medical care provided by Apollo Hospital, London expert Richard Beale and AIIMS Doctors has produced good results. Amma recovered completely from a lung infection and even her heart is in excellent condition’. Singapore Experts were giving passive Physiotherapy in order to help her stand normally on her feet and walk. She will soon be moved out of the ICU anytime to the normal ward’’.

C Pratap Reddy who is the Apollo Hospital Chairman announced that the TN CM Jayalalithaa has completely recovered after successful treatment. “She is under control. She controls the doctors and nurses [when it comes to] what she and they should do… You know her nature very well. She understands herself very well. She will ask us very soon ‘when I am going home.’ It must be on top of her mind. It will not be too long before she sees you all,” Dr. Reddy said. “It’s a contribution not just by doctors, but nurses as well. It was a team work. We have given her word’s best treatment,” Dr. Reddy added while speaking to reporters on the sidelines at the launch event of a text book of medicine organized by the hospital.


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