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Airtel strikes back offering free data for 90 days for its 4G users

Reliance Jio has clearly put every Telecom network in India in a difficult position and now Airtel has begun doing what you might have already expected it to, by now.

And the first one to act is India’s largest Telecom service provider, Airtel.

Airtel has started offering free data for 90 days, exclusively for all of its 4G consumers.


The offer is only for Airtel’s 4G users and it allows them free data for 90 days from the time of activation.

However, it’s not exactly free. Because the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applicable.

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The users will be allowed free data with a data cap of 30 GB over the 90 day period.

Which means, after the users have consumed 30 GB, data speeds will reduced to 2G.


Users who are already using Airtel 4G can claim this 3 month offer for Rs. 1495/-

While the new comers can obtain for Rs.1494/-

Airtel 4G offer got released today in Delhi. It will be available for the rest of the country in the next few days.

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So, it’s basically the same rate that Mukesh Ambani recently said what Reliance Jio will charge its 4G data users : Rs.50 per GB, after its “3 month welcome offer” gets over.


You might be wondering how this can be an answer to Reliance Jio’s offer, because Jio is offering 4G data for free, but Airtel is charging initial costs for its 4G.

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Reliance Jio is allowing free data, free voice calls AND a free SIM without any initial charges because it is only an attempt to set up its network in the country by gaining as many data points(consumers) as possible.

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Once those 3 months get over, Reliance Jio will start charging money for data usage just like any other regular service provider.

Reliance Jio is currently offering free 4G as part of its “Welcome offer” to Jio SIM holders until December 31st, with a daily data limit of 4GB. Once this is exceeded, data rates drop to 128 kbps.


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