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Bill Gates


Bill Gates will Donate his Wealth to Charity Not Kids

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates continues to be the World’s richest person form several years. His net wealth is $80 billion which is approximately Rs 5, 34,600 crores. His wealth increases every Second by Rs 10,000. Even though the world’s largest PC Company, Bill Gates donates all his wealth to charity, he could still lead a luxurious life on this planet. if the tech billionaire gave Rs. 650 to each and every individual in the whole he can still enjoy a luxurious life. With his wealth, the Microsoft founder will be able to gift flats to around 1.20 crores people, each flat costing Rs 30 lakh. With his net wealth, he can buy flats for people living in cities like Banaras each worth Rs. 18 lakh to Rs. 22 lakhs. He is capable of gifting Bolero vehicles that cost Rs 6.33 lakh for all of the 10.5 lakh people living in Chandigarh. The Microsoft founder is capable of feeding the entire population of India and still be left with a lot of net wealth. He can also supply candies for babies of 0-9 month’s period for the 10 months period.

Bill Gates Philanthropy ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’

The principal Founder of Microsoft is known for his charity works and continues to be involved in charity works through the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’. Bill Gates has already donated a huge amount of money for AIDS prevention. He has funded free education for the poor children in many nations apart He also contributed for the prevention of air-borne diseases in many nations.  He is one of the world’s most influential people and one of the world’s richest people. In the recent years, the Microsoft Founder quit working full time in the worlds’ largest PC software company to give more time to Charity works through his foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.’


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