Buy iphone 7 for Rs 1700 Deposit and Aadhar Card

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Buy iPhone 7 : No sooner did Apple launch this year’s extremely anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, than the troll experts over the web starting making memes like they were getting paid just for that.

A lot of the memes were pretty spot-on and hilarious, though. No offence, Apple.


The reason they were all accurate mockery and reasonable even, is because of the grossly overpriced rates for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting at Rs.60,000 and Rs.72,000 respectively.

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The rates were so overwhelming to the public that the people starting joking about how “selling once kidneys” is the only way one could afford the soon to be released iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


The idea of owning your piece of iPhone 7 just for a teensy deposit/ initial payment of Rs.1700/- and an Aadhar Card verification, might be music to our ears.

But, folks at Apple are still figuring out the paper-work to liaise with the Indian Banks and make iPhone 7 available on the Indian market for an initial down payment of Rs.1700, while rest of the balance can be paid in installments. Buy iPhone 7 

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Plus, there would also be Aadhar Card verification, to seal the deal and make iPhone 7 yours.


The Government has recently involved itself in talks with giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

The agenda was to convince the officials of the respective tech companies to enable Aadhar Card encryption on their devices, sold to Indians.

If there ever will be such an encryption on smartphones hereafter, our Govt will be able to use our phones as a means of Identification and Authentication purposes. Thus inducing a major structure into the system. iPhone 7 iPhone 7 plus  details for purchase

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Part of this deal, is being vastly reported to be the “1700 down-payment for owning iPhone 7” thingy.

According to the reports of Economic Times, Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey who sees over the working of Unique Identification Authority of India, made a confirmation that the request they made to Apple, Google and Microsoft have been “positively” reciprocated, although the representatives of the said companies kept mum about any commitments to the offer made.


Everyone knows that the sales of Apple mobiles have tanked drastically in the recent years. Reason being, outrageous pricing of iPhones.

Apple, especially, is well aware of this.

And although Apple has always been annoyingly stubborn about not wanting to cut the prices of iPhones in India, our Govt’s Aadhar card + deposit offer might attract Apple to reconsider their declining Indian iPhone sales.

It could be in Apple’s best interests to agree to go ahead with the scheme, make some profits eventually.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will hit the Indian Market on October 7th. It remains to be seen if the 1700 deposit scheme will in fact be put into motion. Fingers crossed!