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Chiranjeevi to Cut the Roar of Pawan Janasena

The President of Janasena party, Pawan Kalyan is geared up to take the politics of Andhra by a storm with his Seemandhrula Athma Gourava Sabha which is going to be held on 10th September i.e., tomorrow in Kakinada. The political leaders Pawan has already slammed out at the leader of two political leaders BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and TDP (Telugu Desam Party) due to their inability and disaster in compelling the centre and bring the guaranteed exceptional status to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

On the other hand, the former Union Minister from the Congress Party, Chiranjeevi will be taking part in the Kaapu Movement Meeting which is going to be held in Rajahmundry just a day later after the meeting of Pawan Kalyan in Kakinada. It seems that Chiranjeevi has set this meeting in a bid to steal the focus of all the people in Andhra from the thundering speech of Pawan.

According to the latest political news, all the Kaapu political leaders all over the state of Andhra that include Mudragada, Dasari and many other popular leaders from Congress and YSRCP and other IAS officers are anticipated to take part in the movement. It is also expected that all those leaders will be provoking all the people across the state hitherto uproar amongst the Kaapu community with their burning speeches and piercing attacks on Chief Minister of AP Chandrababu Naidu.

This perpetually indicates that PawanJanasena’s combat for special status for Andhra will be weakened to a certain point due to the effect of Kaapu movement. It looks like the two different meetings seem to be sustenance for the Mega brothers’ from the same family. Despite the brothers come from one family, their political aspirations are quite different. However, both of them are deficient in acquiring trustworthiness from the voters.


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