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Discovered An Earth like Planet Proxima B found alien life

Scientists Have Confirmed The Existence Of A “”Second Earth” That Has All Of The Conditions Needed For Life To Form. Even Better, It’s Relatively Close To Earth, The Planet Orbits The Star Proxima Centauri Only 4.5 Light years Away

Its Distance From The Star Indicates Temperatures In Which Water And Thus Life Could Exist

With Current Rocket Technology It Would Take At Least 1,000 Years To Travel To The Alien Planet

But Scientists Hope New “Light Sails” Could Travel There In 25 Years

No Words Yet On How Long It Takes The Residents Of Earth 2.0 To Travel To Us

This Is An Artist’s Rendering Of Proxima B, A Newly Discovered Exoplanet,close To Our Solar System.

Proxima Centuri B

Proxima Centuri B Earth Like Planet

Scientists Think Proxima B Could Be Small And Rocky. like Earth And Migt Even It Orbits Proxima Centuri, The Sun’s Nearest Stellar

Proxima B Excited Scientists Because It Is The Nearest Exoplanet To Our Solar System

It Was Discovered By Monitoring Proxima B Centuri’s Colour.

The Appearance Of A Star Can Be Altered By The Gravity Of A Planet,pushing And Pulling It, Causing Its Colour To Seemingly Change.

Proxima B Is More Than Four Light Years Away But Once Faster Space Travel Is Possible It Could Be An Important Target For Space Probes.


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