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Android N Update: New Features & Tweaks For Google's 2016
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Google will soon release its new Android OS. To decide name the version, Google has even launched a webpage where people can suggest the name of the upcoming Android N. Most of the Indians want it to be Neyyappam , the Kerala sweet. Let’s have a look at the features that can be seen on Android N.

Smarter Quick Settings

The quick settings in Marshmallow are quite smart, but that of Android N will be smarter. With Android N we will be able to customise the functions on quick settings.

Further a short tap on the icons will show the relevant information. And on a long tap, you will be taken to the Settings of that function.

quick settings

Apps can now share the screen

Are you that user who quickly switches between two apps? Well, most of us are. This Multi-window mode is nothing less than a boon for us. All you have to do is long press on the app from recent apps screen and drag it to the top of the screen. And now, you can open another app in the same way which will share the screen.

split screen

To return to normal mode, press and hold on the recent app list. The primary app occupies full screen and the secondary app closes. However, not all the apps go well with this feature. In Android tablets, this feature lets the user set dimensions for app windows.

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Instant Reply

Android N will let its users, respond to the messages instantly from the notification panel. And this will go well with any texting app that uses Google API. Snoozing messages can be expected as an additional feature.

instant msg

Better Settings Panel

The list of options that were preset in the previous versions, now have bits of information along with them. For instance, Bluetooth tab will show it status (enabled or disabled) under it.



Recent apps screen

The Recent apps Screen used to show a pile of screenshots of the apps. To go back to the recently used apps, the user had to go through the screenshots and find the right one. With Android N, you can just shift to the last app by tapping twice on the Recent-apps button. However, it literally shows only the apps which were used recently and not all that are uncleared.  Clearing all the running apps at once can be done with a Clear All option.

recent apps

Night mode for night owls

As excess exposure to blue light causes harm to eyes, the feature of night mode gives the screen a reddish hue. Night Mode can be quickly accessed through the quick settings.

night owl

Redesigned Notifications

Notifications now look more organised and effective. They provide detailed info like the name of the app. Tap and hold the notification to get more details.

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Calculator on Quick Settings

You will not need to search for the Calculator App on your phone to tally the bill.

Calculator will soon be a function on the Quick Settings with Android N.


So, any Neyyappam supporters out there?


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