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Gali’s Daughter’s Wedding Budget


The reason for slashing Gali’s Daughter’s Wedding Budget

Gali’s Daughter’s Wedding Budget : Media brought in widespread publicity to the Engagement ceremony and even the rich Wedding experiences of the daughter of Gali Janardhan Reddy, Brahmini. The rumors jumped making rounds across the media that the Mining Baron will undoubtedly be shelling out more or less of Rs 250 crore towards the Big Event. This progress brought the interest from the particular attention of the Income Tax department.

Gali’s Daughter’s Wedding Budget

Gali’s Daughter’s Wedding Budget

Sooner than later Gali Janardhan Reddy took to damage control approaches. The trusted assistant of Gali Janardhan is B Sriramulu. He appeared before the media opposing the recent reports asserting that hundred crores of amounts will be spent for the wedding party of Brahmini. He also stated that Brahmini is like his daughter and moreover, they do not consider the wedding day as an outstanding event. He also said that the wedding will be as simple as a common man’s wedding. On being questioned with regards to wedding and reception invitation, Sriramulu responded that this is actually pretty much to undertake a little bit of diverse range to incorporate the most up to date technology.

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It is not a new or unusual factor for the wealthy and famous politicians to spend a huge sum of money on their children’s engagement as well as wedding events. While we understand it is a special day of one’s life and parents get a chance to go all out to shower their love and wealth on their kids’ big and extraordinary day, there is another side to it. This is what happened when the media made Gali Janardhan Reddy keep in mind that extremely too much just about no matter which is not going to be good at all. Bookmark our website to get all the latest updates.


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