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Google Allo Texting app could release this week

What was promised by the Google team back in the month of May at its Google I/O conference, is something that most definitely could have had Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and several other messaging app companies reconsider their standard of work and up their game, so that they could stand up to “Google Allo” and its amazingly sophisticated lineup of services.

Google was pretty vague about Google Allo’s release details. But it did say that Allo would be out within this year’s summer.

And the way we see it, it won’t be long before Summer ends.

And if Google is one to keep its big promises, Allo app should clearly release anytime this week.

While this is the logic everyone thinks points towards Allo’s most possible release date, experts all around the globe predict the same too with their insider information.

One of them is Evan Blass, who has been long hailed as the most genuine Technology News leaks.

So let’s see what he had to tell via his tweets.


So you can see Mr. Evan Blass not only claiming initially that Google will launch Allo app this week, but he followed through later giving a confirmation with a actual date : 9/21 in his second tweet.

Yup. That’s 21st September according to him.

Google Allo would definitely be a game changer and not just another boring messaging app.

Reason being the Machine Learning nature of Allo app which provides smart suggestions to the texts/pictures you receive. If the other person asks if you’re free, Allo pops up suggestions like “No, i’m a l’il busy”, “Yup. I’m all free” or something along those lines so that you don’t have to type everything everytime. google allo apk download

Also being featured is Google Assistant built within the app. So you can chat with Google Assistant within Allo. You can ask it to Google-Search something and it will, without your having to close Allo app and open Google Browser in two separate steps.

Allo’s privacy is pretty solid too with its Incognito Mode Chat and temporary messages.

You could go search for Google Allo right now in Play Store. Although it’s not available for download yet, there is of course a “register” option which can alert you as soon as the app goes live.


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