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Google Allo Texting App usage Explained by Screenshots

If you noticed a lot of news items about a certain “Google Allo” since yesterday and wondering what all the rave is about, then you should start learning what it is, now. In fact you should start using Google Allo right about now. And we will tell you why.

WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Hike, Kik. All of these apps can be mentioned together whenever “messaging” comes to your mind.

But that’s not the categorization you can fit ‘Google Allo’ into. Make no mistake about it. No exaggeration here.

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Anything we say in an attempt to describe Google Allo can go right over your heads, without actually seeing it for yourself what it does.

But, we did our bit of meddling with the app already and here we are now, to present you with Live Screenshots of our usage, to give you an understanding of what’s making everyone call it “super-smart”.

Google Allo has gone live on Google Play Store just yesterday, so it’s safe to say that you’re not late to the party or something. So go right ahead and download it. It’s about 46 MB in size, but every bit worth downloading.


Just like WhatsApp, Allo takes in your Mobile Number and Email too (optional) when you’re setting up your own Allo account.

So, Allo has information related to your Mobile and your Gmail and every little info in between.

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It also knows where you’re located, which is needed for it to deliver smart performance.


So, this is probably the single biggest inclusion made by the Allo developers – Google Virtual Assistant or AI, that makes Google Allo far supersede all of the other known messaging apps by a huge margin.

Machine learning and In-Built Google Search : Google Assistant AI is based on Machine Learning and furthermore, Allo has a built-in Google Search facility, so anything you ask Google Assistant, you can expect it to give you an answer since it has all the access to Google Search.

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Chat separately with Assistant : You can have a separate conversation with Google Assistant one-on-one. Just like how facebook bots work, except a lot more useful.

So, below are few of the things we did with Google Assistant. Take a look.

  • Getting acquainted :


  • Like we said, Assistant knows your location and can produce results based on that.


For every request you type in, similar requests appear at the bottom, as you can see and explore further. They are what’s officially being referred to as “Smart Suggestions”.

  • Same can be done for movie searches.


  • You can even ask Allo for directions.


  • Now, time to test Assistant’s knowledge base.


  • Not bad, huh? What about playing videos and displaying pictures? Let’s see.


Tapping on that video doesn’t close Allo and redirect to YouTube, No.

The video plays in the same chat window!


How to use Assistant when you’re chatting with a friend? : If you want to ask Assistant something when you’re chatting with your friend, All you have to do is type ” @ ” followed by “Google” and then followed by your question or statement.


So my friend and I were having a conversation about which movie are playing this weekend. Neither of us had a clue.

But Assistant had that covered for us.

I typed ” @Google Movies this weekend ”  and there it was, a complete list.


If you want to chat some Military-Grade Top-Secret Thriller-Movie-Like information with your friend, you could tap on “Start an incognito chat” in the menu and choose your friend’s contact.


But for some weird reason, You can’t use Assistant in Incognito Chat.

Set chat expiration time : You can set a timer for Incognito Chat session and once that time expires, all the messages in Incognito window will get permanently erased, thus ensuring that Intruders will never know what chat you had.


For one thing, I hate chatting in WhatsApp and having to close it suddenly, just to search for something in Google and then back to WhatsApp again. I hate the number of steps involved.

With Allo however, I can chat AND browse Internet in the same chat window, within the app itself.

And now that Allo has gone live, I find myself increasingly getting addicted to Allo and its simplicity.

I don’t see a future where I’ll be needing or using apps like WhatsApp. Sad, maybe, but Allo is too good.


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