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Google Chrome is officially Block Flash Content starting Next Month

Google Chrome :Google, the giant search engine is planning to kill its google Chrome Flash soon from the month of September. Google Chrome Flash was an integral and most significant part of the internet since the past few years. Google Chrome Flash has served all the users in many ways for several years and at the same time it was responsible for numerous security vulnerabilities. Currently, HTML5 is used by many people for making use of interactive content and run the content across the web. This HTML5 works perfect on various mobile devices. Also Check:No More Annoying Gif images on Your Browser

Now, Google has officially made an announcement that Google Chrome will commence blocking all the Flash content on Adobe Flash starting the next month i.e. from the month of September. Apparently, this Flash content will come as a part of the Google Chrome 53 update which will be made available to all the users in the early September. The main use of Chrome 53 is that it blocks all the tiny, non-visible Flash elements on various web pages.

These Flash elements are commonly appending platforms and page analytics. On the other hand these Flash elements sluggish down the loading time of a web page similar to the greater Flash content. This is not the first time for the search engine behemoth to de-emphasize Flash on the web. Earlier, in the previous update of Chrome 52, Google has made most of the Flash content “click-to-play.” Let us checkout the difference between the previous Chrome 52 and the current Chrome 53 update. Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome will begin Blocking Flash Content Next Month

In the previous update of Chrome 52, the Flash Block was constrained to only Flash objects that have exceeded a certain limit of size, but now it has been extended to even tiny Flash objects. Google has made it clear that the user will be able to enable the Flash objects on a particular web page if they are essential for viewing experience. If the non-visible Flash objects are completely blocked, Google will be providing an icon in the address bar that will help the user to get specific alerts.

The search engine giant stated that all the users of Google Chrome will get benefit with the latest move made by Google. The reason is that all the Flash objects that are loading in the background of a webpage can increase the loading time of a webpage and make the loading to happen in a sluggish way. If in case, the user makes use of a laptop Flash also makes use of more power i.e. power consumption that eventually lessens the battery life of that device.

Exception for Few Websites

Google has announced that it will block all the Flash content starting the next month and it has given exception for some popular websites on a temporary basis. Google has given exception for some websites as they are totally depended on Flash. Some of the popular websites that have completely relied on Flash include Facebook, Twitch, Yahoo and many other websites.


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