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Google to release its own phone Google Pixel on Oct 4th

The sales of Google’s Nexus phones always had a sense of subtlety about them. Now that you think of them, it almost seems like Google intentionally preferred laying low and not grab too much attention.

But for the last 1 month or so, Google has been aggressively teasing one of its products, an all proprietary Google phone.

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It’s the same phone which is being predicted to be the prospective honorable mention/main part of the Google product-launch event on October 4th, to be held in San Francisco.


A lot of you might think there’s already a smart phone powered by Google, which is Nexus.

You are right. You’re smart.

Except this time around, the phone isn’t Huawei-made or LG-made, instead Google is making a huge overhaul by assigning the job entirely to HTC mobile makers.

And in none of the marketing campaigns, has Google mentioned Nexus or done anything that remotely points to an extension of the Nexus Smart phone lineup.

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Below are some of the extravagant ways(check this article’s cover photo) , Google has resorted to, as part of its new product’s publicity. It is hell bent on making a statement loud and clear that it’s going to come out with a huge release.

From the Gigantic Billboards on the side of Tall buildings,


to the Statue-like public exhibits.


This, combined with Google’s recently launched Smart Messaging app – Google Allo – and its plans to release Home Smart Assistant – Google Home, have all been a testament to Google’s move of fiercely upping their game in all ways imaginable.


Like we said earlier, Nexus phones were a good sell, but nothing to make Google stand out.

Nothing to make Google stand up to Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy.

So, Google is about to release 2 new smartphones under “Pixel” title, as an answer to Apple’s iPhones, as a Flagship phone.

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Marketing campaign even shows the tagline of “Made by Google”, something we’ve never seen for any of its products.

Of course, the Pixel phones will be made by HTC, but Sundar Picchai confirmed that Google will have a great hand involved and will not be taking a backseat.



Google even set up the page to watch Live Broadcast of its event on October 4th.

Here’s the link for it.


Android Police reports that Pixel mobiles’ prices could start from $649, and Pixel XL, which is the other phone predicted to be released, could cost more.


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