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Hyderabad This Diwali says no to Chinese crackers!

Hello, folks! It’s the festive month and everyone must be gearing up for the Diwali festive time. They are hardly few days left and people are busy with shopping and other activities. This Diwali, the licensed traders of Hyderabad has taken up a decision to not sell the Chinese Crackers. Besides, burning crackers should be avoided for multiple reasons. The reason behind taking such big decision by the Hyderabad traders is that the Chinese Crackers make more noise and includes huge explosive material and huge air pollution. Well, is this the only reason?Big Billion Day Offers 2016

To dig into the matter, the Chinese Crackers comes with the high amount of potassium nd Chloride while compared to the Indian Crackers which comes with sulfur and Aluminum powder. The Indian crackers are said to be less explosive and cause less harm to the eco-averment when compared to the Chinese ones. The decision is taken by the traders and it is said that they are also influenced by the PM Narendra Modi’s fever appeal to stop bursting Chinese crackers. Smart move in action imposed by the traders and this move is also seen in the capital state New Delhi. The Hyderabad state is saying no to Chinese’s Crackers this Diwali.Top Remunerated Contestants Bigg Boss 10

Even in New Delhi, the traders of crackers has decided to stop using the Chinese crackers and it is anticipated that a total of 60 new varieties of crackers are introduced this year in the market and the people can but those this Diwali which is well packed and does not harm much and disturb the nature. The government has also taken up the decision to cancel the license of the traders who will be selling these Chinese crackers and the official announcement has also been made for the same. We wish all our readers to have a happy and a safe Diwali this year and say no to Chinese crackers.Famous Celebrities who didnt know they married Gey men


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