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iPhone 7 Latest Leaked images and complete rumor roundup

A for Apple. A for annoying : Thing about Apple company is that it is more annoying than we are willing to admit, when it comes to being vocal about its new iPhone releases.

At this point all we have are rumors. Not a single word coming officially from Apple.

And even the rumors don’t have their story straight.

We don’t know if this year’s huge September iPhone 7 release (ASSUMING it will be named that way), would be followed by the unveiling of iPhone S or iPhone 7 Plus. Some rumors even suggest a possible iPhone S plus too.

There are too many variables in the equation and Apple doesn’t want to help. It rather wants us to leave us hanging and keep guessing until the eleventh hour.


However, we have exclusive images and a video from TechTastic, a Netherlands based community that specializes in leaked gadget news.

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iPhone 7  in all new Space-Black color : Until very recently, it was rumored that iPhone 7 would come out in aesthetic Rose-gold colors.

To refresh your memory, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s were released with Rose-gold colors, making them the first of their kind.

But according to a host of new rumors, iPhone 7 pieces will likely sport a pitch black shade all around, as shown in the pictures above.

iPhone 7 could be water-proof : Although this little rumor doesn’t have any visual evidence, news reports claim that a recent patent filed by the Apple officials for the phone’s feature of clicking pictures underwater.

This obviously can only be possible if the device is waterproof.

Further, this has been linked to other rumors that said that Apple will be removing the headphone jack for its next model, saying that the removal was to allow the waterproof quality to be more feasible.

iPhone 7 could house a fast-charging circuitry: All of the iPhones till date only had a current threshold of one ampere. But the forthcoming iPhone 7 could go a little further and include a 5 Volts, 2 Amps charging support.

This means that circuitry will be put in place in a way that iPhone 7 will get charged in lesser time.

Android competitors like Samsung Galaxy 7 and S7 Edge have already come up with such technology, making them get charged about half the full capacity in less than half an hour.

So, Apple could most definitely choose to break that record by embedding fast charging circuitry in its new iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 will probably not have any stereo speakers : iPhone 7 will most probably not be accommodating a secondary speaker/ a stereo. Arguing so is the well-reputed technology news source ” “, who managed to obtain teh schematics of the iPhone 7 model.


A port at the bottom of the iPhone 7 might have you thinking that it might be a secondary speaker, but according to schematics procured by  ” “, it only serves the purpose for a microphone.

This reminds us of how iPhone 4S had a similar speaker on the bottom which was thought to be a stereo speaker, but wasn’t.

iPhone 7 could have no home button: The feature which is arguably the most iconic of all things iPhone dons – the home button- could be completely gotten rid of in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 could come with a touch sensitive button which simulates the actual physical touch.

The reason for this could be because iPhone 7 wants to be waterproof and so it will have shut off all possible openings. suggests shows us the bare logic board and points out the there is no portion cut out for a home button.


iPhone 7 rumored release dates : Reports claim that iPhone 7 unveiling will take place on September 7th and pre-ordering will begin 2 days after that, while the official launch will begin on September 16th.


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