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KCR Announced Free Medicine for Telangana State Govt Employees

The present Chief Minister of Telangana state K. Chandrasekhar Rao has made an official announcement of providing free medicines for all the employees of Telangana government for their lifetime. KCR has a unique style of implementing decisions in the state eventually benefits all the people across the state. The CM has not officially confirmed this new scheme publicly. However, according to the latest sources from the media circles, KCR has decided to give free medicine for all the families of Government employees working in various sectors in the state of Telangana.

Besides this, KCR also decided to provide all kinds of medical tests for all the people in the family of a Government employee. Based on these services, the Government takes necessary steps to make changes in the Health Card scheme accordingly. As per the latest news source, the Government makes an announcement regarding this new scheme officially. It is cheerful news for all the employees in different sectors in the state Government of Telangana.

Big Boon for All Telangana Government Employees

These days, people are suffering from several health issues and on the other hand, it is quite difficult for all the people in affording the huge costs and bills in private and other Government hospitals. With this new scheme, all the folks can get the best benefits for their lifetime. The new scheme aids all the people starting from children to old people in a great way. This decision by KCR helps him grow up politically and it is a key step for his political progress in the state.

Currently, people have the scheme of using health cards but they are just useful at times when people are suffering from serious health problems. Now, this new scheme helps people get medical assistance all the time without any issues. The Government soon partners with various private Diagnostic Centres in the state in order to expand its health services to all the people all over the state. Let’s have to wait till the official confirmation and announcement by the Government.


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