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KCR DJ Song Goes Viral in social media

KCR DJ Song : A DJ song on Telangana Chief Minister KCR was doing rounds all over the internet.  Since its release, it has gone viral in the social media.  All the speeches of the KCR were put in together and remixed.  The DJ song includes the most common words that KCR mostly use in his speeches.

KCR DJ Song was uploaded to Youtube yesterday and caught the attention of Youtube users.  In the past, a young man from a village has sung a song on KCR, which went viral and now this DJ song is being circulated widely.

The song seemed very funny and is not done in a hurtful manner.  The DJ of the song was made by Viva Video.  The end credits at the end of the video were given in all the departments like Direction, Editing, Screenwriting, and Photography to Viva Video.

A DJ Song On KCR Goes Viral

As the song is uploaded just a day ago, it is not seen by many yet.  It will soon go viral as it is the first time that a DJ song with the voices of KCR is released.  The song seemed very funny.  The collection of words to make the DJ was quite good. TS SSC Exams Free Payment Last Date Fee Details

Nothing seemed offensive or hurtful in the song and it looked like a video that was just made for fun.  The names of the DJ who did the song were also revealed at the start of the song.

There were many special songs made on the Telangana first ever Chief Minster K Chandrasekhar Rao like the family song, tribute song, birthday song, a song on his life journey etc.  As DJ has been a trendsetter lately, this song that was made following the same came out so well and is being liked by people.Top Best Engineering Colleges in Telangana


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