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Lamborghini Partnered with MIT to Bring Next Gen Supercars

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has partnered with Lamborghini in order to make a new supercar for the future. In a bid to contemplate over the imminent trend of innovative and modern world automobile brand in a robust way, the Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali talked about the progress, expansion and dormant of the Italian firm’s eternity of work in developing the carbon-fibre technologies.

Since a long time, the Italian Company Lamborghini is working on manufacturing the best and innovative cars for various industries such as automotive, consumer and aerospace firms. The company has joined hands with various agencies such as Italian Companies and Trade organizations and some other experts from the University. Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturing company that designs and makes various luxury sports cars and other SUVs in Italy.

Lamborghini, MIT teamed up

The CEO and the Chairman of the company said that their main motto is to bring the cars with innovative technology. The company is planning to become a trendsetter in the market with the upcoming super luxury cars in the line-up of sports cars. He also remarked that they are proud to join hands with MIT for bringing an innovative car for the 3rd millennium into the market. All the students from the MIT University can assist the makers in the research and development for a 3-year sponsorship deal which Lamborghini signed with the institute.

However, the company hasn’t revealed the amount for which they’ve made the deal. The new supercar comes with a blend of all the analytical skills and the creativity of the students from MIT in the research activity. Maurizio Reggiani, the director of Lamborghini has a huge goal of designing a hypercar for the year 2025. Also, he had a great interest in saving the energy of the future. We can soon see a supercar into the market from Lamborghini in partnership with MIT.


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