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Lok Satta Gives Out Its Support For Jena Sena

Jena Sena chieftain Pawan Kalyan has disclosed about his respect and liking for Lok Satta President Jaya Prakash many times.  JP is one of those people who believe that the state needs leaders, not politicians to rule.

He fought for the state in his own way and finally took retirement.  He is now voicing his opinion in various state and central issues.  Thenceforth Pawan announced that he will enter into politics and started Jena Sena party; all the people who thrive on change have been rooting for this duo to work together.

Very recently, Lok Satta has extended its support for Jena Sena chief Pawan Kalyan.  The party heretofore released an official statement on social media platform stating that extends its support to Jena Sena party for the looming public meeting at Anantapur on 10th this month.

Lok Satta lends its support for Jena Sena

The objective of organizing the meeting is to address ‘Special Category Status’.  Pawan has already organized two such meetings last month in Tirupati and Kakinada.

Lok Satta voiced its support and showed its interest to join Jana Sena in the big fight ahead in addressing various public issues.  On the Lok Satta twitter page, it has tweeted that ‘Lok Satta supports Jana Sena chief @PawanKalyan’s Anantapur Public Metting on #SpecialStatusAp.  We look fwd to working on other key issues of AP.’

This certainly is a good nod for the followers of Lok Satta Chief JP, who have been raising their eyebrows on various issues since years.  In case if Pawan joins the forces with JP, with the power of Pawan and political knowledge of JP the doublet can go a long way.

Though Pawan has great support from masses of the state, he still lacks in political knowledge and needs someone to back him and JP would be perfect for that.  We have to wait and see how Jena ‘Sena’ will accept this invitation from Lok Satta.


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