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MLA of Kolar issues loan of Rs 3 lakhs for each person!

MLA of Kolar

Shaken up by the sudden action of Pm Narendra Modi on the ban of higher denomination notes of RS 500 and RS 1000, the country is digging up ways to convert the stashed money with the new notes and the impact falls on everyone especially o the corrupt political people. This takes our eyes on the MLA of Kolar, Karnataka who was seen distributing RS 3 lakh of cash money as a loan to every individual after the announcement of the ban of higher denominations note has been made.

MLA of Kolar Distributed 3 Lakhs

MLA of Kolar went successfully in bringing in the attention on the media on the action. The common people can exchange over 2.5 lakh rupees at any bank until 30th December 2016 and keep this point in the action, the MLA has taken up the idea to give the money as a loan which can be avoided from defunct if left unaddressed.  Not only this, the picture is also getting viral on the social networking sites and is spreading faster than a virus. The entire nation has shaken up with the new action by the government and the impact falls on everyone for sure.

This massive step crunched the nation and the impact is also seen in trading and iconic chaos. Besides, the smart idea invented by the MLA of Kolar has opened the bulbs of the people and people are thinking their head down to how to get their old notes exchanged with the new ones without any problem. The entire reason behind the massive step by the PM is to bring forward the hidden black money by the people and the PM has also issued the new higher denomination note of RS 2000 to the public. Stay tuned for more updates.


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