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Pratyusha's death


Pratyusha’s Boyfriend Rahul compelled her into prostitution

We all know Pratyusha Banerjee allegedly committed suicide in the month of April earlier this year. The Balika Vadhu fame Pratyusha was the Indian television actress acted in several TV and reality shows. The actress hanged herself from the ceiling fan on 1st April 2016 in her room. The police suspected her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh for prompting her commit suicide. The police arrested her boyfriend and he came out getting a bail.

There was a phone conversation between Pratyusha and Rahul. The conversation was for a time of about 3 minutes. Soma and Shankar Banerjee, the parents of Pratyusha were severely depressed upon the death of their daughter. Neeraj Gupta, the advocate hired by the parents of Pratyusha. They reportedly handed over the details regarding the three-minute phone conversation of the duo to the Police.

Rahul behind Death of Pratyusha – Here’s the Proof

According to the conversation, Rahul Raj compelled Pratyusha to get into prostitution in Mumbai city. This is the ultimate reason for Pratyusha to commit suicide. In the recording, she said to Rahul that she hadn’t come into this field to sell herself. She also said that she had come into an acing field to work and act. She asked Rahul where he is trying to place her now. She also said that she felt very bad at that point of time. She also said at the end that “Rahul, it’s over. I am over. Mar gayi mein.”

This is the conversation happened between the duo just before her death. This conversation between Rahul and Pratyusha confirms that he had forced her to step into prostitution. Neeraj Gupta, the advocate dealing the suicide case of Pratyusha also said some facts. In the conversation, Pratyusha repeatedly used the term ‘prostitution’ for several times. The advocate Neeraj filed an application so as to re-investigate the death of Pratyusha. Neeraj is filing an application for Pratyusha’s death for the re-investigation.


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