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Rajinikanth Finally Reveals his Drinking Problem through a Letter

Super Star Rajinikanth is the honest person in the film industry than anyone else. Due to his simplicity and honesty, he has bounteous fans and followers all over the country and in out of the country as well. In the recent times, Rajinikanth wrote a heartfelt letter to the popular actor Sivakumar speaking about his kinship with the past actor. In the letter, Rajinikanth titled him as a good person blessed by the almighty.

In the letter, Rajinikanth included all the problems he had confronted in his whole life regarding his drinking and smoking habits. Due to his habits, he had faced several health problems. We all know that the Enthiran actor had such habits but the thing which is unknown is that Sivakumar had extremely influenced the actor so as to leave his addiction. Besides this, Rajinikanth said that he had learned much more worthy and priceless lessons after working with Sivakumar in many of the movies in the past.

When Rajinikanth was completely addicted to the habit of drinking and smoking, Sivakumar was the person who advised Rajinikanth that he would soon become a popular actor and don’t mess up his health with this detrimental practice and habits. Previously, during 90s films such as Kavikuyil and Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri, Rajinikanth used to play a second lead role next to Sivakumar. He also praised Sivakumar as a decent man blessed by the god. His words become true and Rajinikanth ruined his health due to his habits.

On the occasion of 75th birthday of Sivakumar, Rajinikanth prayed for his long life and wished the veteran actress Happy Birthday. Sivakumar is the popular actress and he is the father of young actors Suriya and Karthi. On 27th October, Sivakumar celebrated his 75th birthday in the presence of his sons and other family members.


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