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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Planning to Patch-up

The love affair between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone has become a talk in the B-Town. There have been several rumours on the duo for a long time. Now, some other rumours on the couple are being spread like a wild-fire in the Bollywood film industry. Many of them have a doubt whether Ranveer and Deepika are truly split or not. According to the latest reports from some sources, the couple is confronting some issues in their personal life for some time now.

Adding to these rumours, the couple is going out together are caught on the camera of media sources. This indicates that the couple is not yet officially broken up. It seems that the couple is trying to pair up once again. However, there is no official confirmation regarding their patch up or break up. The couple is trying to solve their issues that had aroused between the couple. So, people need not shock upon looking at the couple going on a romantic date out.

However, the couple is not spotted like before but they are meeting rarely. In the recent times, the actress has been revealed in the trailer of her debut Hollywood TV show ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’. In the new season of Salman’s Bigg Boss 10 Reality show, the trailer has been revealed featuring hot actress Deepika on it. Many speculated that the actor Ranveer would say something about her debut show in Hollywood but he just remained hushed.

On the other hand, the trailer of Befikre has been released a couple of days back and he had not received any backing from the actress. Keeping aside all these stuff, the couple is spotted at the airports in the recent times in order to drop and pick up one another in a loving way. This hints that all the disparities between the couple are no more and they are setting up too soon patch up.


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