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Rs 500 and 1000 ban effect on Pawan Kalyan’s Anantapur meeting

Pawan Kalyan’s Anantapur meeting

The higher denominations notes RS 500 and RS 1000 are banned by the government of India and the adverse effect is seen everywhere in the country. The sudden step taken by the PM Narendra Modi has shaken the country in just an hour of the announcement. The impact falls on every individual and the same is seen on the actor-chief of Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan. The actor Pawan is scheduled with a public meeting In Anantapur on November 10th 2016 as a part of his plan. He plans to hold a public meeting in every district on the special category status in Andhra Pradesh and now the list is focused on Anantapur district.

Pawan Kalyan’s Anantapur meeting on November 10

The Anantapur public meeting was earlier planned in the first week of October but due to the issues was postponed. The members of the party felt that it was indecent to hold a meeting at the time when the army is fighting the threat and terror. The Party treasures, M. Raghavaiah said that the Jana Sena Chief was of the opinion that Anantapur district which often faced drought would be beneficial with the special category status.

 Will the meeting face huge impact by the ban on High denominations notes?

Nothing was in trouble until the news flared up that the high-value notes are banned. This has a great impact on the meeting as the funds cannot be raised in lower denomination notes and Pawan Kalyan’s public meetings, especially in Anantapur, is a static plan of the party as the election are coming ahead. The actor-chief Pawan Kalyan shall fight against the social issues and parties that backtracked on poll promises and all this will result in benefiting the District with special status. Well, we have to wait and see what step will be enforced in action by Pawan Kalyan.


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