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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Should you invest 59k for it come Sept

Samsung announced the launch of its huge 2016 flagship product Galaxy Note 7 last Tuesday.

The latest release from the company is garnering huge applause from all around for its instalments of unique features such as Iris scanning technology, HDR (High Dynamic Range video) compatibility, upgraded Stylus or S-Pen and more.

Before we delve deeper into all such features, release date and pricing, let’s have a quick rundown of its specs.


OS : Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

RAM : 4 GB

Internal Storage : 64 GB, expandable to 256 GB via micro SD.

Battery : 3500 mAh.

Processor : Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890.

Display : 5.7 inch screen Super AMOLED with Quad HD resolution.

Camera :  12 MP Rear Camera and a 5 MP front camera.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is a cross between a phone and a tablet, will be available on the Indian market starting September 2nd, 2016 at the price of Rs. 59,900.

Preview Offer : For all the Galaxy Note 7 buyers, Samsung is offering you an unlimited voice, data (4G) and SMS free usage for 3 months.

Few other countries like the U.S, Australia, Canada will get to own it lot sooner from August 19th.

Pre-registration : It will be available for Note 7  from August 22 to August 30. Click here to order your product now.

If you do book it in advance during August 22-30, you will stand a chance to get the second generation Virtual Reality Headset for an additional Rs. 1,990. (Which normally costs Rs. 7290).


Here’s a practical demonstration video of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Take a good look at it.


Samsung team has put this particular feature at the center of all the publicity and marketing of Galaxy Note 7, as it is the first Samsung phone to sport an eye-scanning tool as a security measure.

Iris scanner comes as the next big thing after the contemporary Biometric Secuirty tool being used in most recent phones. That is, the fingerprint sensor.

Iris scanner unlocks in a matter of milli seconds. The scanner can detect your Iris even if you are wearing spectacles.

A lot of banks in Korea have already adopted Note 7’s Iris scanner and so the clients will be able to use banking services on their phones after unlocking them via Iris scanner.



First off, HDR stands for High dynamic range and this is the something Note 7 will provide in terms of video quality.

High dynamic range video is even better than our current high definition or 4K standards.

It’s something that was only present in high quality projectors and LED TVs. So it’s safe to say Note 7 is the first of its kind to put in place such video standard.

Many phones today like the iPhone do include a HDR camera, but what sets Note 7 apart is the fact its HDR feature extends to the screen too and not just the camera.


S-Pen has been significantly improved from a lot of perspectives. Be it the aesthetic factor or its pressure sensitivity, Note 7’s S-Pen looks like a perfect package.

The S-Pen is not going to break even if the slide the wrong side in.

The S-Pen’s tip appears sharper this time and will deliver all the precision you need.


All in all, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great product, but might not be a great buy, as it does have competitors like OnePlus 3 which also sports an Iris scanner but comes at a cheaper price.


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