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Smartphone for Rs501 Register ChampOne C1 with 2GB RAM

About 6 months ago, Freedom 251 was the most talked-about Smartphone, which was being publicized at an asking price of Rs. 251. And then in April, another such company Docoss came forward to sell its X1 phones at a teensy price of its own, for Rs.888/-

Every company behind such unbelievably cheap smartphones, claimed to do what it was doing in the name of digitalizing India, so that anyone and everyone can own the power of a Smartphone without having to pay huge amounts or indulge in EMIs.

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Whether or not anyone gets sold by this marketing idea, whether or not these companies keep their promise and deliver their products in time, these guys do get all the publicity and the spotlight they need to put their company on the map and be known to the world.

And now, we will be hearing about a new cheap-buy smartphone for the next few days to come.

If it’s any help, ChampOne company is apparently a 100% certified, with its affiliation and adherence to MCA India.  So, you could try your luck and shell out Rs. 501 for a piece.


Well, for what it’s worth, ChampOne C1 appears to overtake its competitors for few of its features. Let’s see how.

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DISPLAY :   5 Inch IPS display screen.

RAM :  2 GB

PROCESSOR :  1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor

CAMERA :  Equipped with 8 MP front cam and another 5 MP on the front.

MEMORY :  16 GB Internal Memory. Expandable to 64 GB using MicroSD.

What does sound like a bankable feature is ChampOne C1’s Fingerprint Sensor, which we don’t normally find in phones that cost anything below 10k.

So, it is safe to say, this feature alone can make ChampOne C1 a decent buy at Rs.501.


The Company says that this is a feat being done only to increase its sales potential. ChampOne C1 will be available for Rs. 501 only until September 2nd, which marks its “Flash Sale” day.

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Post the “Flash Sale” day, the mobile’s cost will go up to its normal price – Rs. 8000/-


The mobile will be available via Cash-on-delivery. So you won’t have to pay for it in advance.

You can order your piece on Flash Sale day which will take place on September 2nd 2016.

But before that, you will have to register yourself on the company’s website given as

It’s important for you to understand that cheap-buy phones in the past such as Freedom 251 claimed to deliver 2 Lakh units initially, but could only cover 5000 orders and people who ordered Docoss X1 had to wait for a long time for the delivery, some of them still are.


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