The official Google App Awards 2016


Yes, you read that right. For the very first time, Google has come up with the Google App Awards. Nominating about 50 of them, Apps were divided into 10 categories. The selection-criteria were the requirement served by the apps, innovation, and of course quality. Some of the nominees were Robinhood, Clash of Kings, Dubsmash, Toca Nature. So, any guesses?

Best Game – Clash Royale

Well known for the game Clash of Clans, Supercell now gets props for Clash Royale game. In this game, the players fight against another using a series of cards which offer different troops that can fight in the battle. It is quite different from the base of Clash of Clans.


Standout Independent app- Alphabear  

It is a tough ask for an independent developer to achieve goal. The aim of this game is to spell words with different letters on the board, helping bears grow. Different bears wait at different levels to be unlocked.


Best use of Material Design- Robinhood

Not for giving access to common man to stock trading, but Robinhood was awarded for its Material design. It had the latest and the most extensive material design. The team had done a lot to make the boring financial tool interesting.

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Early Adopter- World Around me

As the name says, this app lets you search a place (belonging to a particular venue category) in you locality. All you have to do is, Select a venue category, hold your phone up to the eye level and spin around. Signs are displayed which give you names, ratings and distance from the location.


Best use of Google play Game Services: TT Touch

Wanna play quick Table tennis game? Don’t have a player to play against? Don’t worry. Table Tennis Touch will find a good one for you using Google Play Game Services. If you don’t find anyone for the game, computer is always there to play a quick match.


Most Innovative app-NYT VR

To experience virtual reality with this app, all you need is a smart phone. Now, Experience life through 360-degree videos with NYTVR. With this innovative theme and VR, New York Times VR app bagged the award for the most innovative app. Users can make use of the Google Cardboard to have the best VR experience. Videos can still be watched without it.


Go Global award- Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

This award is for the app with a global appeal and is offered in localized languages. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle was a nominee in this category. However, Pokemon Shuffle was considered to satisfy the required features.

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Best Startup App-Hopper

This app is nothing like what the bunny icon tells us. Different from the usual travel apps that give the price for the plane tickets, Hopper suggests you to wait or to buy the tickets. This app lets you get the best deal on flights. It sends notifications for the flights that you were keen on, giving you info of future increment or decrement in the price.


All thanks to the funny bunny.

 Best Families App- Thinkrolls 2

The base idea of the game is to roll a character using a series of gestures and critical thinking.In different levels, players have to overcome obstacles like water, gravity. This app is loved by people of all ages.


And finally, Best App-Houzz

While other home decor apps help users to get decorating ideas for kitchen, living room and bedroom, Houzz lets its users get in touch with the contractors or designers directly through the app. You can also save photos and designs, share them. You can also take a recent picture of your room and modify it through this app. Thus, this makes the selection of furniture and other interior designs easier.


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