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Trick to be aware of working ATM machines and cash!

The recent decision to ban the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations note has led to long queues in banks and ATM machines. People are provided with a very low amount to withdraw and the queue is huge all across the nation outside the ATM’s. These few days have been very shattering and confusing for the citizens and people are facing money issues to make any transactions. The limit over transactions, withdrawal by the government is been putting people under trouble in terms of cash. Also, people are facing problems as there is no cash in the ATM machine and unknowingly with this thing they are spending hours of time in the queue.

How to Know ATM machine is out of cash or working

After announcing the ban of the notes, people have immediately rushed to ATM machines to either withdraw or deposit cash and the reports say people spent whole night standing in a queue to get the currency exchanged. People are fussed out to know that there is no cash in the ATM order to avoid such issues, there is one simple trick for you to follow in order to find whether the particular ATM machine is out of cash or working.

Go on the link, which will directly take you to the ATM finder page wherein you are asked to give the details of the State and city along with the drop-down box to enter the location details. Then, the list of ATM’s working with cash will be displayed by the CMS and the entire information will be provided in front of you. There is no need for you to spend hours in the queue and later find out that there is no cash. So, follow this trick and save yourself in getting indulged in the unnecessary queues outside the ATM’s.


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