Updates on Google Now on Tap


Google Now on Tap created buzz when it was launched. Sadly, it didn’t meet the expectations of its users of reducing the number of steps to perform tasks. So, to get it back on track, Google is going to add new features to it. The updates make it more feasible to gather information from search engines, both using a word and the image.

According to sources, an icon will be seen which will, however, highlight the selected text when ‘Now on Tap’ is launched. A finger icon will be seen through which a specific word can be selected and be searched instantly on Google. The relevant content is searched on web on other Google apps.now-on-tap-image-text-search

This app actually show its best use when it comes to images. Use an existing picture, camera or image from any other app to test Google’s recognition capabilities. It might look silly, but a good way to get instant information

Other uses:

  • Google Now on Tap can also light you up when you play music. If launched inside a music player, related YouTube links, Social accounts and other relevant stuff pop up. Do try it next time.
  • You can know detailed stuff about any article that you are reading (like this one) through Google Now on Tap. Just hold that button and it starts serving you. And you can do this not just from chrome, but from anywhere. Feeds, News applications, Chrome. Anywhere.
  • While going through your calendar, invoke Google Now on Tap. You can expect relevant websites, location on Google Map. You get accessed to information rather quickly.
  • This one is for gamers. Now follow games and know beyond the scores. Call Google Now on Tap while you check your score. This one touch gives takes you to other apps and relevant search results.
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