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US Election 2016


US Election 2016 Hillary and Donald Cast Vote

After a long wait of one and a half years of campaigning Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Party Presidential Candidate Donald Trump finally cast their votes on Tuesday morning amidst millions of citizens went to polling stations across the country.

US Election 2016: Hillary Clinton says, “It is the most humbling feeling”

There were lengthy lines of voters across the country as Hillary Clinton looked quietly confident of becoming the first female president and as Donald Trump clung on to winning hope. Hillary Clinton arrived at the Douglas G Grafflin elementary school in Chappaqua, New York to vote with her husband former president Bill Clinton. The Republican Party Presidential candidate was greeted by several flashing cameras and after filling out the ballot was overwhelmed by handshakes and hugs outside the polling station. “It is the most humbling feeling, because I know how much responsibility goes with this,” Clinton told reporters after casting her vote outside the school.

US Election 2016: Donald Trump says, “It’s time to come together”

Donald Trump later arrived at the PS 59 elementary school in Manhattan which was his designated polling site where more than 80 voters were lined up even before the poling site opened at 6 AM on the dark and chilly morning. On being asked whether he would concede if the networks called the election for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, Trump replied, “We’ll see what happens.”  In the recent past, the Republican Party Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he may not concede if he loses to his Democratic rival warning in unprecedented remarks that the election could somehow be “rigged”.  He told Fox News on Tuesday afternoon that if he lost, he would have to see “under what circumstances” that happened before he could concede. “I have to look at what’s happening,” he said. No independent report of voting irregularities had been confirmed by mid-afternoon.


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