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Sardar Festival


World’s Most Expensive Bull for Sardar Festival Special

A bull from Haryana has become the world’s expensive bull. This bull soon becomes the centre of attraction at Sardar festival. Haribabu Yadav brought this bull to the city of Hyderabad for a popular festival namely ‘Sardar’ in order to exhibit it in the popular buffalo carnival soon going to organise in the Hyderabad city. This bull belongs to the high-yield “Murrah” breed that weighs a huge weight of 1,900 kg. This bull’s name is Viraat and it values Rs 9 crore.

World’s Costliest Bull

It is a tradition for the Yadav Community in order to rejoice this carnival in the city right on the successive day after the completion of the festival of lights – Diwali. A couple of days back, this bull brought to Hyderabad from Sonepat in an air-conditioned truck. In fact, the original owner of this glowing bull is Ajay Pahlavan. This bull will soon grace the Carnival as a Chief Guest to the event wherein we can see various bulls that exhibits their power and dynamism.

Sardar Festival

The owner of this bull treats it like his own son and feeds it with dry fruits such as cashew and pista nuts. He also said that the bull consumes two cartons of beer during summer season and also gulps 2 bottles of whisky in winter season. The height of this bull is quite exceptional i.e., 6 feet compared to other common bulls. Every day, this bull drinks 20 litres of milk gulps 300 eggs alongside 5 kg of apples and 15 kg cereals and other pulses besides the dry fruits.

Apart from this, Viraat, the shining bull loves to take body massage using various mustard and exotic oils. Also, the bull is quite health conscious and as part of it, the bull goes on for a walk for about 5 kilometres every day with its owner. Ajay Pahlavan, the owner of the bull said that the bull produces 4 to 6 ml high quality semen for every 3 days. With that, the owner acquires approximately Rs 3 lakh to 4 lakh with every single container.


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