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YouTube Hero Program Become a moderator and earn rewards

Ever came across some obscenely adult video suggestions in your YouTube account? Even though you never actually subscribed to any such obscene channels?

Ever regret reading aggressively mean comments pumped with swear words and racial/gender/ethnic slurs?

Ever wondered why no one is doing anything about it?

Ever felt powerless about you not being able act on it?

Well, if you could relate to at least ONE of these increasingly growing concerns in YouTube, then we have good news for you.

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Half of YouTube users might just brush aside such obscene content, justifying and “normalizing” it in the name of “free will”. But the other half has been long itching to filter and permanently remove it from existence.


But filtering obscene content is a humongous task, and YouTube has realized it’s near impossible to do it all by themselves. And that’s where YouTube’s new program called “YouTube Heroes” enters the scene.

So you essentially become the site’s Moderator.

And if personal gratification for getting YouTube rid of unsettling content, isn’t a good enough reason for you to become its moderator, then read on.


YouTube hero program requires you to do 3 main things : Flag Inappropriate content, Share Useful Information on YouTube Forum by answering user queries and adding subtitles/captions for videos online.

That’d be your Job Description, so to speak.

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Doing each Job included in the program will earn you points. As you cross certain milestones (points-wise) , you will level up. Each level has its own rewards. Greater the points/Level, greater the rewards you get.

So, let’s take a look at what each Level would reward you with.

  • Level 1 : You join the community by submitting your form agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • Level 2 : You can learn in the site’s exclusive workshops and participate in Hangout chats with other YouTube heroes.
  • Level 3 : You can mass flag adult/abusive videos and delete user comments at will.
  • Level 4 : You get to see previews of YouTube product launches before it’s available to the world. You can also directly chat with YouTube staff.
  • Level 5 : In this level, you can actually try new products in practical before they go public. You’ll be given passes to a very private “Hero Summit”.


YouTube has started taking in applications to join the Hero Program.

All you gotta do is check out this sign up page which has been put up on Help page 2 days ago.

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Just read the Hero Program rules, tick the boxes that it prompts you to and submit your input.

You can also find details to the right on that page, about points allocation for different tasks you do and points required to reach new levels.


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