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HP Spectre Slimmest Lappy ever in India this month

HP’s newest product release could be defined as a slap in the face of the Apple Laptop industry. Or maybe, that is a little too harsh. But the numbers (laptop thickness) pack enough punch for the fellow laptop competitors to feel the burn.

See it for yourself.

HP now owns a long-standing history in its forte of Laptop sales. But it turned the most heads when it came out with its release of the World’s Slimmest laptop 2 months ago.

HP Spectre 13.3 , which bears a snazzy title, isn’t any less snazzy in terms of its specs.

While the much talked about Apple Macbook Air is close to o.68 inch (around 17 mm) thickness, Razer’s Razer Blade Stealth came in at a much lower 13 mm thickness. But of course, Apple has its own share of slim laptops. For instance, the 12 inch Macbook released back in 2015 measures at 13.1 mm, about the same thickness as that of Razer Blade Stealth.

But now, HP went ahead a step further and brought about the birth of a little 13 inch beauty Spectre 13.3 , that scales at an unbelievable 10.4 mm. About as thick as AAA battery.

Imagine that! Let the thought sink in.

Now take a look at this cute little work of art.

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You can tell that HP’s new product design was certainly inspired by a vision to create something handy and slim, thanks to a plethora of issues with alternatives like the heavy-weight DELL laptops.

I can only imagine how the fashion industry’s Glam Models would carry this baby around literally everywhere. It would be a good swap for the regular chihuahua that they usually carry, you know and appeal more to the tech culture.

Well, anyway. It’s time we gauge HP Spectre 13.3’s specs, now that we know its only 10 mm thick and doesn’t weigh more than 3 pounds.

Processor : Sixth generation Intel core i3 and i5 processors.

Display : 1080p Full HD display that measures 13.3 inches diagonal edge to edge with a Gorilla Glass top. Non-touch screen.

Storage :  PCIe solid-state drives that offers up to 512 GB storage.


Weight : 2.45 pounds.

Your initial response to this might be awe, but with a sense of hesitation. Because at 13 inch mark, HP Spectre 13.3 is clearly not as light weight as you would want it to be.

But, don’t rush on your judgement, because 1.1 kg isn’t a lot to carry around and is literally half the weight of most commonly used DELL laptops that record a solid 2.3 kg. And according to one of the first few consumers who had a first hand experience at the launch of the product, HP Spectre 13.3 was pretty easy to pick and allows for that sleight of hand.

And according to one of the first few consumers who had a first hand experience at the launch of the product, HP Spectre 13.3 was pretty easy to pick and allows for that sleight of hand.

Spectre 13.3’s battery lasts up to 9.5 hours.

Its body has a dark-gray aluminium finishing and along its edge is a bronze lining.

It has three USB-C ports.

There ends the snazzy-ness of this laptop.




HP Spectre 13.3 doesn’t come with a touch screen.

Nor does it twist or detach.

But, at 10.4 mm thickness, Spectre 13.3 is a hands-down fancy sell.

Vouching for that is the fact that HP launched the product in April 2016, not at an official Tech show, but at fashion cum luxury get-together at Versailles.

HP Spectre was out for sale in International market in the month of May 2016 at around $1250 dollars.

Prices in India are yet to be announced. But it is reported to start selling in India from June 21.

HP looks ahead to make special edition versions of this laptop with materials like 18 carats gold and Swarovski crystals.


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